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We provide transcripts of court hearings and of any related activities of evidence-gathering and case preparation, wherever a fast and accurate record of the spoken word is needed. The result is a significant saving of time and cost.

Realtime transcripts of hearings and proceedings

Transcripts of meetings, conferences and other events

Transcripts of audio recordings
Audio Transcription

Live conversion of speech to text for the deaf or hearing impaired
Speech to Text


Real-time transcripts of proceedings such as court hearings, conferences or public inquiries. Transcribed and displayed live in draft form with full search, analysis and document linking. Remote users can receive the link live and communicate with colleagues. Official proofed transcript available within 1 to 2 hours.

Transcripts of meetings, conferences and similar events where an accurate record of what was said is needed.


Transcripts of audio recordings in general and in particular court proceedings, meetings, conferences or phone calls.  Our service uniquely offers these recordings as text transcripts, or with the text and audio synchronised from previous or live recordings.  Our software can be further used to offer full search and analysis with relevant document linking.

Conversion of speech to text (live) for those who are deaf or whose hearing is impaired.